“Can You Be Normal In An Abnormal Reality?”

The Palestinian cause has the highest priority among the international community decades ago, but what are the actual and tangible achievements on its behalf politically?

For me, the answer is simply “NOTHING”.

The Palestinian cause is not only a political issue, it is also a humanitarian issue, so what are the actual and tangible achievements in this regard?

Let’s see .. We can’t ignore the different vital humanitarian aid has been flowing into Palestine since the beginning of the Palestinian crisis through the different international organizations, but did it help the Palestinian people to be independent? Or did it help in the recovery of the Palestinian economy?

For me, the answer is simple “Unfortunately, NO”.

All these humanitarian aid helped the Palestinians only to pass their days, it didn’t help in building a good future and a reliable independent country.

Let’s move to another different area.. We all had studied or read about Maslow’s hierarchy of the physiological needs.

These needs are physiological needs, safety needs, social belonging, esteem, self-actualization and self-transcendence.

Maslow’s hierarchy of the physiological needs

The question now, to what extent the Palestinian individual had fulfilled these physiological needs?

For me, the answer is “Most of Palestinian individuals now didn’t fulfill these needs”

Logically, I believe now that we reached a point where we realized that the Palestinian people live in an abnormal conditions, these conditions consequently affected their behavior.

So, I may repeat it. “Can you be normal in an abnormal reality?”*

The answer is simply “NO”

Che Guevara once said that if you imposed inhuman conditions over a man  and if he didn’t rebel against it he will lose his humanity gradually. This simply means that the Palestinian people have two options here; they may keep being rebels or they may become individuals with inhuman behaviors.

Young men rebeling against Iraeli Soldiers 

No one is thinking of how much the Israeli occupation and the unstable internal condition affected the humans of Palestine.

Throughout the history of all the occupied countries, the occupation’s main role was to destroy the people of the occupied countries by killing them, destroying their historical and cultural heritage and injecting its ideas within the new generations. So, the pressure experienced by the Palestinian people is not easy to be handled and of course, these pressures will be reflected in unacceptable behaviors.

Now, regarding the unstable internal conditions. Once I was discussing these issues with a friend and I said “ If the politicians disagreed, they will kill the people and if they agreed, they will steal them”. Unfortunately, the people will lose in all conditions.

So, who is responsible for the state of depression and disappointment among the people now? Will they work on solving these problems?

I don’t think so.

I’m trying to say here that both the international community and the local authority are in charge and must pay attention to the psychological state of the occupied Palestinian.

It is not a joke when we say that every Palestinian individual needs a therapist.

The Palestinian people now are like time bombs that will not simply go away if the international community and the local authority ignored them.

*Mahmoud Darwish, Palestinian poet and author.


Back to My Blog

May I say welcome back?!
I know it’s definitely been a long time since I’ve updated my blog. It’s not a matter of losing my interest in writing, but in the last year I believed it was useless to write.

I was interested in writing about the problems, the issues and the achievements of my Palestinian people as well as writing about the most significant events in the Arab world. All what I can say that I got frustrated by the events surrounding the Arab world in general and how things are going on in Palestine too.

In Palestine, especially in the Gaza Strip; we are still suffering the same crises; the electricity shortage, the borders’ closure, the lack of opportunities and all the other consequences reflected in the health, education, livelihood and social sectors.
In the West Bank, the same incidents are repeated; the clashes with the Israeli soldiers, the military escalations in Jerusalem and everywhere in the West Bank,  the expansion of the settlements, and the arrest of Palestinian citizens. And never to forget the internal political conflicts.

Yet, when taking a peek at the Arab World, we will find the same unpleasant events in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Sudan. I must mention too that a conflict between the Arab Gulf States occurred too, which is political conflict only up to the moment.

Now, I’m back to writing. I’m not sure yet what would be my next topics, but I believe we all must not give it up. All these gloomy events shall end one day and we all must resist our inner psychological conflicts.

Personally, I think that there are many things I must write about and my words must be read.

So, wait for me in a new topic soon.