Successful Women in Gaza

This is Gaza city, a city that had gone through three consecutive destructive wars in less than 8 years, a city that has been suffering from political conflicts ended to militants’ coup or Hamas’ takeover of Gaza, a city that is politically and economically sanctioned and beleaguered since 2007.

So, welcome to the club my dear.

Logically these tragic and disastrous events affected all aspects of life in Gaza so badly especially the economic situation; lack of job opportunities, the increasing numbers of jobless graduates, the huge number of war injuries and disabilities and the massive destruction of houses and infrastructure facilities are all definitely reasons for the dramatic rise in poverty and unemployment rates in the city.

Despite this miserable situation there are people who can rise from the ashes, or as we say in Arabic, “people who are like roses among the thorns”. These people did and do their best to create their existence and achieve their innovations in this miserable fate.

Lately I’ve read and heard a lot about some photographers, painters, musicians, artists and many other talented people , they even got the chance to star in famous TV programs like Arab Idol, Arab Got Talent and The Voice.

As it was said “Pleasure in the job puts perfection at work”, I will talk about one woman who developed her passion into a source of living, it is just amazing to make your career and passion come together.

Om Yousef

Om Yousef, who is obsessed with embroidery and handicrafts, is married and have 2 boys and one girl. Her family are Palestinian refugees who live in Jordan, due the israeli siege she was unable to visit her family easily for a long time, so she was a house wife having too much free time. One day, one of her friends suggested she could do embroidery and at that moment she had no idea about it. She enrolled to one of the  local women organizations where she got courses in doing embroidery . She liked it so much and created many things for her house until someone suggested that she could start her own business in embroidery. The idea was stunning for her, her problem was that she didn’t have enough money to start, so she applied to get financial support from one of the  local organizations and she managed to borrow more money from some of her friends.

Embroidery: the spirit of Palestine

Surprisingly, her project boosted while there were too many similar projects, but as she says,  the quality of her works was the reason behind this success. Om Yousef worked to develop her professional skills, she got courses in administration and accounting.


The project now is not only a source of living for her, but also to other 20 women who live in difficult situations. Some of these women are disabled , other are jobless graduated girls and other women are widows . Definitely, she had problems as a result for the political situation such as the lack of the needed materials due to the zionist siege, the difficulty to market her products locally and abroad, the low rates of sales in a country where people strive to win their bread, and the absence of tourists.

To see more of Om Yousef works and for direct contact on Facebook:

innovation and hard work brings success

Headlines and Comments


  • “Angelina Jolie is terribly sick and dying, she weights 35 KG”,, what if she wasn’t really sick and she is trying to send a global message for the whole world and the leaders about those who are really suffering around the world??
  • ” Syria elections “ .. The Syrian regime is making democratic parliamentary elections after around 250,000 person were killed, more than 12 million were displaced according to the United Nations and not to mention infrastructure massive destruction. SERIOUSLY??!!


  • “Egypt transferred sovereignty of Tiran and Sanafir, located at the Gulf of Aqaba, to Saudi Arabia“. Now, when I was at school we studied both the Egyptian history and geography alongside the Arab World’s map, but never heard about these island. Was it done purposely? Is there any neutral historian or history book can really confirm the real property of these two Islands? It is unbelievable that no politician or historian could stop this confusion. Social media sites will explode soon. Please any help people.   President-sisi-with-salman-bin-abdulaziz-al-saud
  • “Russia is studying a new law enables every foreigner who marry a Russian woman to get the Russian citizenship and $5000”. Solving the phenomenon of spinsterhood in Russia will absolutely aggravate the same phenomenon in many other countries especially Arab countries. Are they really conscious about this?! It’s just creepy for
  • Direct line with Vladimir Putin” It is annual dialogue between Putin and The Russian for almost 4 hours, he receive millions of questions from around Russia and choose tens of questions to answer personally. For him it is a kind of public polls and a way to be in line with the people. It’s just hilarious thing, I guess The Arab presidents will never reach this level.genby
  • “Saudi prince Fahd son of Abdul Aziz has been poisoned and survived”…. Who cares !! It’s my first time to hear about him.abdul-aziz-bin-fahd-twitter
  • “Eu-Turkey AGREEMENT about the Syrian refugees”, the idea is : If Turkey and EU can’t stand the refugees problem anymore why they support the fight in Syria? Why don’t they work to reach a political solution to save the Syrian then they won’t need to escape to Turkey and Europe anymore.1027075019
  • “Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William in a royal tour to India and Bhutan” .. It is very nice visit and they really enjoyed their time there.  Just came to my mind “A Passage to India” novel that I studied in the university, it talks about the English-Indian relationship, the British Raj , and the Indian independence movement in the 1920s when India was a British colony. Is this visit a kind of Neocolonialism for India or they are trying to be nice after the very bad old history?!! I believe the United Kingdom will never forget its colonial goals in India.Capture

Gaza Dark Ages

The Dark Ages is a term refers to the Middle Ages in Europe as a symbol  of intellectual darkness, ignorance and the Church control over all aspects of life. Now Gaza is living its Dark Ages, but literary not symbolically . Gaza have got a high rate of educated people and they have been creative in different domains lately, but they live in completely darkness. Gaza city is having an electricity crisis since 2008, this caused a great loss for all the factories or to be clear the survived factories after the three wars and for different companies or institutions of the private sector.

Away from all these damages, I want to write about us, the citizens or the human beings living in Gaza. For a while my family used to buy fuel and use the generator whenever we didn’t have electricity, but we couldn’t tolerate the expenses any more. Usually people use candles or charged lamps or Uninterruptible Power Supply/UPS or solar power cells/Photovoltaic cells “PV Cells”.  Choosing the way you will use to lighten the darkness usually depends on your financial situation and choosing what suits your budget.

At the beginning of this crisis we thought it would be temporary and won’t last for a long time, but now it turned to be a remarkable feature for our lives. No one knows the real reason for this crisis some say it is Israel, other people say the reason is Hamas government in Gaza and other say that it is Ramallah government who created this crisis. The realty of the reasons doesn’t matter anymore what really matters is our daily suffer in this crisis.

I will talk about myself as a real example here , I work as a freelance translator and my work depends on using laptop, this problem affected me so bad as at the beginning I canceled many orders because I was unable to commit to the deadlines with my clients, then I bought extra battery for my laptop and finally I wrote down the electricity schedules of my friends so I can go to work in their houses whenever I have any order .

Besides, I have an extra mobile battery and had to buy one of those cheap tablets so I don’t lose connection with my friends and family in and out Gaza.

I may cancel any plan out of home when it is our time to have electricity in order to charge my devices or if I have to use the iron, the washing machine or even if I wanted to dry my hair. I don’t use my mobile to listen to music or watch anything on Youtube to save the power.  Usually we have electricity for 8 hours or 6 hours or even 4 hours per day. It is not enough at all to do anything. I almost forgot how it is the thing of having electricity for the whole day.

These are the Dark Ages of Gaza, the ages when the needs and rights become luxuries and wishes we dream about and the ages when our greatest concern become having UPS or buying fuel. The Dark Ages in Gaza means that the people had lost their basic human rights and with time they will lose their humanity as Che Guevara once said that if you imposed inhuman conditions over a man  and  if he didn’t rebel against it he will lose his humanity gradually.

Gaza’s stand-up comedy

Now it is the age of technology and globalization. Gaza always has its place in any field and now it is having a place in stand-up comedy shows. The new generation definitely has its own style and thoughts, which differ a lot from the old generation. As one person of this new generation I can tell that life is becoming claustrophobic not only because of politics, but also because of the traditional style of life and the old thoughts and beliefs. It is such pressure to live in a society ruled by old fashion ideas and for sure it is a great struggle to break these rules in an acceptable manner. So you don’t turn to be troubles maker in the society. I can assure you that lots, if not most, of the local old traditions and norms don’t follow the true essence Islam, and even sometimes contradict and challenge Islam.. Modern challenging trends become the way in which youth can express their different thoughts and objections over any issue to break through into now horizons. Social Media had provided a wide space for them to create their own atmosphere away from what society think and dictates. Stand-up comedy  requires special performance skills and abilities which enable its presenter to be a comedian critic and acceptable in the same time. It provides a frame for the “stand-up” comedian to criticize social paradigm in a funny and acceptable way. What other personal skills besides a being courageous personality does it require to start your own stand-up comedy show? Basically, you got to have your own Youtube channel, Facebook page, video camera and reasonable budget. Yes, it is just that simple, which allows many guys in Gaza to start their own programs and channels. Mahmoud Zuaiter  got his fame and place in this domain creating his own show Bsyazalma, he is one of numerous guys who proved themselves in stand-up comedy shows in local events and ceremonies. Up to date these youth depended on their own hard work and there wasn’t any governmental or institutional sponsoring for these initiatives. Even in West Bank there was one program called “Watan3Watar” that was showed on the official Palestine TV channel, but it was stopped for criticizing the government and its policies. These guys turned now to work with Jordanian media production companies and Radio stations. Back to Gaza, you may be interested to know the subjects they talk about in these shows; it is allowed to handle social phenomena and issues, but for sure politics is a “Taboo” subject unless you talk in general without mentioning certain politicians or the VIPs personages. Any government can’t tolerate the stand-up comedy shows easily after the Famous Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef who was one of the factors behind the overthrow of the previous Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi and his government. We hope one day we get the freedom of speech and expression that allows youth or even anybody to discuss any problem.