“The Queen” , The Arab world’s latest STIGMA

The moment you watch The Queen’s promo you will feel as if you are watching a play where the actors work hard to  satisfy the ego of one person on behalf of dignity and humanity of many people. The program is based on only one idea that is making The queen satisfied about you to be finally chosen as her personal  assistant in her professional and artistic life .  The participants compete to reach this goal feeding by this The Queen’s paranoia . I’m really grateful for social media as their objections to the program could make Dubai channel wake up and save their rich history in the media and production world from this catastrophe by stopping the program as hashtags on Twitter and other social media sites were demanding to stop the program as it shows morals contradict with the Arabic and Islamic morals that call for humility and modesty.

I must not forget to mention that “The Queen” is the Arab singer Ahlam, whose is known for her arrogance and her continuous controversial statements and views in order to be on the “Spot” all the time even if will insult or provoke the anger of her colleagues or any other person.

I’m not in a position to attack this program specially when other people keep attacking all kinds of programs all the time,  those other programs have a message or a goal like discovering different talents and I believe such programs deserve our interest because they pay attention to the human abilities or dreams, but  this program is for serving only “The Queen”, who by the way I’m sure needs to see psychologist.

I will stay aside from writing about the insulting and humiliating actions in the program or the people who accepted to be humiliated in this manner. What really concerns me now is to write about the appearances of luxury in the program, the jewels, the fancy royal decorations and fashion, the promotion costs, the production cost, and all the different expenses. The Arab world  now live in  an horrific era full of wars, conflicts, destruction, death, migration, aggravation of crime and terrorism,  spread of  diseases, lack of concern in the educational system, incapability in health sector, decline in the economy, and  the growth of unemployment. I ask myself what is the use of this program while the overwhelming majority of audience  are suffering in their daily life to keep living with the minimum of life necessities.  There are genocides are being committed in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and  Burma, people there are being killed, injured, hungry, homeless, illiterate, ignorant, sick ,feeling cold and women are being raped  while money is being spent for such TV programs without any feel of responsibility towards them. There are thousands  of people who are  sinking in this moment trying to reach the safe side of the world where they can live in peace with their children and families. There are  other  thousands of people who are dreaming about warm, water, food, medicine, education, peace and safety. These people are the real audience who don’t care for “The Queen” and her insulting TV show, but they have the right to be in the “Spot” all the time and to receive the help and support.

I hope to watch TV programs about the migrants camps all over the world or about the people who are suffering in the Arab countries, we must not had enough of watching these problems in news because people are not numbers to mention in few lines in everyday news, they are human beings with spirits or maybe these people don’t need programs about them they need urgent political and humanitarian actions and aids.


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