“Can You Be Normal In An Abnormal Reality?”

The Palestinian cause has the highest priority among the international community decades ago, but what are the actual and tangible achievements on its behalf politically?

For me, the answer is simply “NOTHING”.

The Palestinian cause is not only a political issue, it is also a humanitarian issue, so what are the actual and tangible achievements in this regard?

Let’s see .. We can’t ignore the different vital humanitarian aid has been flowing into Palestine since the beginning of the Palestinian crisis through the different international organizations, but did it help the Palestinian people to be independent? Or did it help in the recovery of the Palestinian economy?

For me, the answer is simple “Unfortunately, NO”.

All these humanitarian aid helped the Palestinians only to pass their days, it didn’t help in building a good future and a reliable independent country.

Let’s move to another different area.. We all had studied or read about Maslow’s hierarchy of the physiological needs.

These needs are physiological needs, safety needs, social belonging, esteem, self-actualization and self-transcendence.

Maslow’s hierarchy of the physiological needs

The question now, to what extent the Palestinian individual had fulfilled these physiological needs?

For me, the answer is “Most of Palestinian individuals now didn’t fulfill these needs”

Logically, I believe now that we reached a point where we realized that the Palestinian people live in an abnormal conditions, these conditions consequently affected their behavior.

So, I may repeat it. “Can you be normal in an abnormal reality?”*

The answer is simply “NO”

Che Guevara once said that if you imposed inhuman conditions over a man  and if he didn’t rebel against it he will lose his humanity gradually. This simply means that the Palestinian people have two options here; they may keep being rebels or they may become individuals with inhuman behaviors.

Young men rebeling against Iraeli Soldiers 

No one is thinking of how much the Israeli occupation and the unstable internal condition affected the humans of Palestine.

Throughout the history of all the occupied countries, the occupation’s main role was to destroy the people of the occupied countries by killing them, destroying their historical and cultural heritage and injecting its ideas within the new generations. So, the pressure experienced by the Palestinian people is not easy to be handled and of course, these pressures will be reflected in unacceptable behaviors.

Now, regarding the unstable internal conditions. Once I was discussing these issues with a friend and I said “ If the politicians disagreed, they will kill the people and if they agreed, they will steal them”. Unfortunately, the people will lose in all conditions.

So, who is responsible for the state of depression and disappointment among the people now? Will they work on solving these problems?

I don’t think so.

I’m trying to say here that both the international community and the local authority are in charge and must pay attention to the psychological state of the occupied Palestinian.

It is not a joke when we say that every Palestinian individual needs a therapist.

The Palestinian people now are like time bombs that will not simply go away if the international community and the local authority ignored them.

*Mahmoud Darwish, Palestinian poet and author.


Back to My Blog

May I say welcome back?!
I know it’s definitely been a long time since I’ve updated my blog. It’s not a matter of losing my interest in writing, but in the last year I believed it was useless to write.

I was interested in writing about the problems, the issues and the achievements of my Palestinian people as well as writing about the most significant events in the Arab world. All what I can say that I got frustrated by the events surrounding the Arab world in general and how things are going on in Palestine too.

In Palestine, especially in the Gaza Strip; we are still suffering the same crises; the electricity shortage, the borders’ closure, the lack of opportunities and all the other consequences reflected in the health, education, livelihood and social sectors.
In the West Bank, the same incidents are repeated; the clashes with the Israeli soldiers, the military escalations in Jerusalem and everywhere in the West Bank,  the expansion of the settlements, and the arrest of Palestinian citizens. And never to forget the internal political conflicts.

Yet, when taking a peek at the Arab World, we will find the same unpleasant events in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Sudan. I must mention too that a conflict between the Arab Gulf States occurred too, which is political conflict only up to the moment.

Now, I’m back to writing. I’m not sure yet what would be my next topics, but I believe we all must not give it up. All these gloomy events shall end one day and we all must resist our inner psychological conflicts.

Personally, I think that there are many things I must write about and my words must be read.

So, wait for me in a new topic soon.


Dramatic Increase In Crime Rates In The Gaza Strip


Every time I want to write any topic about living in Gaza, I find myself compelled to talk about the political situation and how it affected our lives’ conditions and this bla bla bla, which I myself got sick of. We may escape from thinking in all this complicated situation, but we cannot escape from facing this reality every single day.

I believe our society is living challenging period with many new issues and problems, the one I’m writing about here is the high rate of crimes ( including murder crimes, theft crimes and rape crimes) and suicide cases, which could rarely happened in the past or to be precise before 2007 such accidents were uncommon in Gaza society to this extent.

I as a member in this society just can’t turn a blind eye for the degeneration in the kind of the social life and manners happened in Gaza Strip in this period due to the poverty, unemployment, siege, and the lack in everything needed for the basics of the daily life which caused from my own point of view the condition of  deep depression and desperate among the people. The latest report I had read was published in 2015, it showed that the rate of unemployment in Gaza Strip is 60% and I’m sure now it had exceeded this percentage.

What we are expecting now?

Actually, No expectations , we just have hopes.

By reference to what I mentioned above about the high rates of crime and suicide cases, unfortunately I couldn’t find any updated statistics or published reports showing any clear numbers, but you know what is the most interesting thing about the Gaza Strip?

The most interesting thing about the Gaza Strip community, is that all of the people know each other, it is a small area in comparison to other cities in the world and that Gaza Strip is indeed a closed area with people have a lot of free time to talk about each other’s news and events. So that, when a crime happens in the southernmost, in less than one hour people living in the far north will know about it.

In average, personally I can tell that one murder crime happens every 2 months and of course this is an objectionable matter when comparing this to the period before 2007 as almost we could hear about one or two murder crimes in the whole year.

This situation is simply frustrating as this kind of crimes is raising every day and it is really out of control, even applying execution judgments on murderers didn’t  stop such crimes because we must note that in addition to the high rate of crime there is also a high rate of addiction to different types of drugs too. It was proved too that almost all the murderers, thieves and other criminals were addicted to drugs as announced in few police reports here in Gaza.

This article is addressed to the local government in Gaza Strip as they approved their failure in controlling the situation for reasons might be in or out their control, but undoubtedly they must create new methods in fighting crime depending on psychology as I believe the non-ended circle of violence the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip are living in since 2007 affected them badly.

My hopes for Fateh and Hamas may seem naive and childish, but I really hope they may put an end for their political conflicts and think about the people here in Gaza, who are living in an inhuman conditions due to their conflicts.

Finally, I have hopes that the international community  and human rights organizations may contribute in showing the real truths about the reality in Gaza Strip and help in reforming this inhuman situation in Gaza Strip.





Stuck In Gaza

Sometimes I feel curious about certain historical events; it came to my mind to search about the longest blockade in history, the information tell that the siege of Heraklion ( city in Greece) is the longest as it lasted 21 years. Some historians determined this point according to the kind of siege as there is a theory divided the siege into direct siege and indirect siege. Hence they  considered the longest siege is the Israeli siege for Palestine depending on considering it indirect siege, as the Israeli side controls the internal and external movement of the Palestinian people since 1948, so it is a 68 years siege and it is still remain up to date.

Now Gaza city in particular in a blockade condition since 2007 up to date, which is according to modern history specialists, political analysts and humanitarian considerations is the longest.


In April 2014 it was published in news that Israel’s seven-year blockade of the Gaza Strip is the “longest in history,” according to the newly-appointed United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Commissioner-General Pierre Krahenbuhl.

The main goal of this blockade was to punish Gaza or to be exact to punish Hamas party for controlling Gaza city not taking in consideration that Gaza people are not all Hamas members, but it doesn’t matter as Israel considered Gaza people as ” Hamas’s victims”.

Living in a blockade condition is not an easy thing for any people indeed, as there is an apparent suffer in all fields of the daily life and there is always a mass shortage in people’s needs.

Lately I’ve received messages from two different persons; one is an Arab and the second was European, they asked about the situation in Gaza and ended their speeches by asking ” why don’t you just travel from Gaza?” . This question stopped me to write this article and made the previous detailed introduction to clear this point. Almost all news websites write many details about the condition of Gaza, but it is clear that it is still ambiguous for many people too.

Diagram shows Gaza Strip crossings and their use

To travel from or to Gaza for me is the most oppressive and exhausting thing you might experience ever. There are two borders for travelers; the Egyptian borders “Rafah crossing” which open every months for only three or four days and sometimes it is just ” closed until further notice” and the borders with Israel “Erez crossing” which opens almost permanently, but only certain people can get permission to go through it such as sick people, businessmen, foreigners with international organizations, journalists and students having visas to study outside Gaza.

Palestinian passing through Erez crossing
Palestinian passing through Erez crossing

To go through Rafah borders you have to register your name and to be put on the waiting list knowing that you may wait for years. There are rules too in order to register as you must be a student having a visa and register in a university outside Gaza, sick in a need for receiving treatment outside, have residency in another country, have a non-Palestinian passport, other urgent needs and no place luxuries for example traveling for tourism reasons. To be honest, sometimes you must bribe someone here in Gaza or in the Egyptian side  in order to ease your pass.

Palestinians waiting to pass through Rafah borders
Palestinians waiting to pass through Rafah borders

And therefore, we are just stuck in Gaza until a political miracle takes place.

Terrorism Has No Religion

Now “Terrorism ”  is the age most controversial term, What would be the reference in defining this term? Western or Eastern references?  Religious or non-religious reference ? The argument in this situation is not fair for any side because everyone is defining terrorism according to his own beliefs  or to what extent he is targeted by  terrorist actions.

Yet, the definition of terrorism from my point of view would be: “any act causes the death or injury of any innocent and armless human being, causes fear and panic for any secured human being or even any creature, and causes destruction to the planet we are living on . ”


Am I Muslim or Christian or Jewish  or  Buddhist or even Atheist ?  You may ask if it matters, yes it does matter because every single reader will judge what I’m writing according to my religion or even my nationality forgetting that the common thing between every breathing soul is “Humanity” . Our earth turned to a burning planet because of the human desires, greed, arrogance and ego . Everyone want to fulfill his physical and psychological needs on the behalf of others no matter how many people are dying or suffering. Humans are not responsible for anyone’s beliefs and not obliged to tolerate any inhuman condition.

Look around you everywhere; Europe, USA, Middle East, Africa and Asia people are being killed for racist reasons. Racism is the engine of hatred and evil inside every human spirit, it is obvious from every conflict, war and crisis; in specific religious racism, political racism, economical racism, social racism, ethnic racism and racism based on skin color or nationality. No one is accepting the others as they are and everyone want to role the world according to his beliefs. It is insane, we were created different. Every nation has its distinguished stereotype and simply no one could ever impose his thoughts over anyone else even those who were born from the same father and mother are really different in shape, behavior and manners. The constant conflict between the different nations throughout history proved the truths ” No one has ever accepted to be ruled by force , violence is a non-ended circle and people are the victims of their rulers’ own desires” . Indeed I believe to put an end for the human toll, the flowing bloodbath and the massive destruction we as human beings all over the world must look into the depth of our hearts to awaken our human senses and refuse being fragmented into different groups, we all humans and we are all against terrorism.


Eventually I may write down my calls for this world’s leaders;

Stop Racism

Stop Fighting by the name of any religion

Stop attacking civilians anywhere

Stop sectarian wars

Stop ethnic cleansing

Stop the Israeli aggression

Stop Iraq war

Stop Syria war

Stop Yemen war

Stop Libya war





Ramadan Mubarak from Gaza With Love !


It’s the holy fasting month of Ramadan in Gaza City , the month all Muslims await to purify their souls and get close to Allah in all acts of worshiping like fasting, praying, making charity  and reading Qur’an. Sure this month has its own blessings, rituals and appearances and in the city of Gaza Ramadan is just like all Muslim and Arab countries.  Many will write about how miserable the situation  is in Gaza and how Gazans will suffer in Ramadan because of the political situation and its consequences such as; the blockade, the unaccomplished reconstruction projects, the unsolved situation between Hamas in Gaza and Fateh in Ramallah, the useless negotiations with the Israeli side, the continuous electricity problem and many other political BLA BLA BLA .

Despite all this BLA BLA BLA, the preparations for Ramadan are ongoing. Gaza people have their suffers and problems, but nothing ever will make them away from dressing their city with whatever it require in order to live Ramadan’s joy and spirituality as it must be. These preparations cost them a lot of expenses and  efforts starting from the tables of Iftar, social commitments and visits for the relatives, Iftar invitations for family and close friends and ending by Ramadan’s  decorations.

Leaving you with  the latest photos for Ramadan preparations from Gaza.

Photographer: Mona Zemili. Instgram :https://www.instagram.com/monazemili/?hl=en Twitter:https://twitter.com/mona_zemili Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/mona.zemili
Photographer: Mona Zemili. Instgram :https://www.instagram.com/monazemili/?hl=en Twitter:https://twitter.com/mona_zemili Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/mona.zemili
Photographer: Mona Zemili. Instgram :https://www.instagram.com/monazemili/?hl=en Twitter:https://twitter.com/mona_zemili Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/mona.zemili
Photographer: Mona Zemili. Instgram :https://www.instagram.com/monazemili/?hl=en Twitter:https://twitter.com/mona_zemili Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/mona.zemili
Photographer: Mona Zemili. Instgram :https://www.instagram.com/monazemili/?hl=en Twitter:https://twitter.com/mona_zemili Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/mona.zemili
Photographer: Mona Zemili. Instgram :https://www.instagram.com/monazemili/?hl=en Twitter:https://twitter.com/mona_zemili Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/mona.zemili
Photographer: Mona Zemili. Instgram :https://www.instagram.com/monazemili/?hl=en Twitter:https://twitter.com/mona_zemili Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/mona.zemili
Photographer: Mona Zemili. Instgram :https://www.instagram.com/monazemili/?hl=en Twitter:https://twitter.com/mona_zemili Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/mona.zemili
Photographer: Mona Zemili. Instgram :https://www.instagram.com/monazemili/?hl=en Twitter:https://twitter.com/mona_zemili Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/mona.zemili
Photographer: Mona Zemili. Instgram :https://www.instagram.com/monazemili/?hl=en Twitter:https://twitter.com/mona_zemili Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/mona.zemili
Photographer: Mona Zemili. Instgram :https://www.instagram.com/monazemili/?hl=en Twitter:https://twitter.com/mona_zemili Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/mona.zemili
Photo source : https://www.facebook.com/AlJayyar.chocolate/
Photo source : https://www.facebook.com/AlJayyar.chocolate/
Photo source : https://www.facebook.com/AlJayyar.chocolate/
Photo source : https://www.facebook.com/AlJayyar.chocolate/
Photo source : https://www.facebook.com/AlJayyar.chocolate/
Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/careforGaza/?fref=ts&em=1
Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/careforGaza/?fref=ts&em=1
Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/careforGaza/?fref=ts&em=1
Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/careforGaza/?fref=ts&em=1
Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/careforGaza/?fref=ts&em=1
Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/careforGaza/?fref=ts&em=1

Adele : So Real in Gaza


Confident, spontaneous and so real; these are some of the words I heard from the Gazans when I talk about Adele. The British singer now have a really significant number of fans in the Arab world and especially in Gaza. Gaza is not that far from world music nowadays and every famous singer has his or her fans here too. But Adele is such a different phenomenon here, her fans almost consider her this age Deva. I myself one of those who love listening to her music and reading any article pops up about Adele knowing that I’ve never been interested in any non-Arab singer to this level, I just listen but I don’t follow any news or have any passion to anything except the lyrics and music.

Gaza girls have their opinions concerning Adele and these are some of what they think why Adele could get all this fame away from the quality of her music and the strength of her sound;


” I was watching on Youtube her concert at Albert Hall Royal and in the middle of her performing she took off her shoes in a very spontaneous way made me feel finally those singers on stage are acting like real human being away from the crazy dances we used to see”

So real and down-earthy 

” No plastic surgeries .. no killing diet .. not killing herself to become skinny .. satisfied and confident about her shape and body, about her charming beauty .. have her own rules .. wasn’t one of the flock who formed themselves in a shape that suits the media “



” She wrote most of her songs.. she sings how she feel .. she imposed herself in this great crowded domain  .. in a very short time she could gain fame, popularity and too many prizes “


Her performance

” Her performance is so close to our Eastern culture and morals .. her almost conservative style impressed me .. sometimes I feel she is so close to the Star of the East ” Umm Kulthum” , so I guess we can call her ” Star of the West ” and her lyrics may seem so close to those of Fairouz too.

Processed with VSCO
Adele & Umm Kulthum

Close to her fans

” She is so close to her fans to the extent you feel she is someone you really know personally , her emotional attitude gives you this feeling .. the note she published when she released her last album was amazing, I had the feeling that she is talking to me personally ” 



Marriage Reality in Gaza

If you are interested in any country or civilization, certainly you will ask questions about its history, traditions, beliefs and even superstitions. I bet that everyone had read topics like “weird marriage customs around the world or bizarre wedding rituals”. Anyway, regarding marriage customs’ in Gaza, you will not hear about crazy or bizarre rituals like those in India or Africa.

I may mention that there are mainly two types of marriages in Gaza; traditional marriage and non-traditional marriage.

When we talk about traditional marriage, what will come to your mind is the family arranged marriage, it is when the man’s family look for a suitable girl and arrange the thing with her family so both see each other in the girl’s family house and then give their decision about each other. What I meant by “suitable girl” is that the man’s family looks for a girl suits them socially, but what the man and the girl look for in this kind of marriage? Typically men look for certain levels of beauty, education, social class, the less demanding   and a good reputation. About girls in this kind of marriage, they evaluate the man’s social class, reputation, shape, level of education and financial abilities, then accept marrying him or not.

Yes, it is like this actually.

For more clarification, I may mention too the type of girls in such situation:

  • Girls who are totally controlled by their families and have now personality or vision or even opinion and they do whatever their families decide and see appropriate.
  • Girls who have a vision about their future life and how they imagine it to with the ability to accept of refuse the marriage offers regarding what they want, in addition for being raised with an understanding families encourage them to express themselves.

Concerning the non-traditional marriage, what sets it apart from the traditional marriage is how the man and the woman meet, they usually get to know each other before getting married whether they knew each other from the neighborhood, university, work or even from ant social media website it doesn’t differ . The challenge of this kind of marriage is the family attitude towards them, as both could be from totally different social class and what they only look for love and understanding in each other. There are families which will refuse this kind if there was a social difference and they will do whatever they can do in order to prevent this marriage, and there are families that will accept their sons’ or daughters’ decisions even if they didn’t agree in condition they won’t have any role in their lives in case of any future problems.

In this kind of marriage usually there are two types of men:

  • Negative men, who can’t stand against their families and after a while they will leave their “love stories” for the sake of their family’s satisfaction.
  • Positive men, who will not accept to give up and force their families to accept their desires even if they married so late or didn’t get married at all.

Now we must talk about the girls’ families’ attitude towards this marriage:

  • Families who consider it a kind of shame if their daughters had a relationship before marriage.
  • Families who will not be positive at all if the man was from a less social class and will refuse it even if their girl didn’t get married ever.
  • Families who will accept and regret later in case there were social differences.
  • Understandable families, who will agree.

Regarding the girls’ situation:

  • Girls who won’t accept their families decision and take their time to convince them and if they failed they will give up.
  • Girls who will force their families by threatening them they will not accept to marry any other man and by  promising to  undertake the responsibility of their marriage.
  • Girls who will react towards their families’ refusal by eloping, but these cases are few and rare.

This was a quick explanation for the reality of marriage in Gaza, but still as we say here       ” marriage is just like a watermelon no one knows how it would be from the inside”, we can’t judge any kind of marriage as what we may seem as a bad marriage, may become the most successful and what would appear to us as a great marriage, may turn to be the most miserable marriage.

Even we can’t guarantee the non- traditional marriage as it depends on both sides attitude after marriage.

Personally, Marriage for me is very complicated decision and a step really needs deep and cautious thinking, it is as a matter of luck; there are no guarantees for anything.


Successful Women in Gaza

This is Gaza city, a city that had gone through three consecutive destructive wars in less than 8 years, a city that has been suffering from political conflicts ended to militants’ coup or Hamas’ takeover of Gaza, a city that is politically and economically sanctioned and beleaguered since 2007.

So, welcome to the club my dear.

Logically these tragic and disastrous events affected all aspects of life in Gaza so badly especially the economic situation; lack of job opportunities, the increasing numbers of jobless graduates, the huge number of war injuries and disabilities and the massive destruction of houses and infrastructure facilities are all definitely reasons for the dramatic rise in poverty and unemployment rates in the city.

Despite this miserable situation there are people who can rise from the ashes, or as we say in Arabic, “people who are like roses among the thorns”. These people did and do their best to create their existence and achieve their innovations in this miserable fate.

Lately I’ve read and heard a lot about some photographers, painters, musicians, artists and many other talented people , they even got the chance to star in famous TV programs like Arab Idol, Arab Got Talent and The Voice.

As it was said “Pleasure in the job puts perfection at work”, I will talk about one woman who developed her passion into a source of living, it is just amazing to make your career and passion come together.

Om Yousef

Om Yousef, who is obsessed with embroidery and handicrafts, is married and have 2 boys and one girl. Her family are Palestinian refugees who live in Jordan, due the israeli siege she was unable to visit her family easily for a long time, so she was a house wife having too much free time. One day, one of her friends suggested she could do embroidery and at that moment she had no idea about it. She enrolled to one of the  local women organizations where she got courses in doing embroidery . She liked it so much and created many things for her house until someone suggested that she could start her own business in embroidery. The idea was stunning for her, her problem was that she didn’t have enough money to start, so she applied to get financial support from one of the  local organizations and she managed to borrow more money from some of her friends.

Embroidery: the spirit of Palestine

Surprisingly, her project boosted while there were too many similar projects, but as she says,  the quality of her works was the reason behind this success. Om Yousef worked to develop her professional skills, she got courses in administration and accounting.


The project now is not only a source of living for her, but also to other 20 women who live in difficult situations. Some of these women are disabled , other are jobless graduated girls and other women are widows . Definitely, she had problems as a result for the political situation such as the lack of the needed materials due to the zionist siege, the difficulty to market her products locally and abroad, the low rates of sales in a country where people strive to win their bread, and the absence of tourists.

To see more of Om Yousef works and for direct contact on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/mnobanee.rayyes

innovation and hard work brings success

Headlines and Comments


  • “Angelina Jolie is terribly sick and dying, she weights 35 KG”,, what if she wasn’t really sick and she is trying to send a global message for the whole world and the leaders about those who are really suffering around the world??
  • ” Syria elections “ .. The Syrian regime is making democratic parliamentary elections after around 250,000 person were killed, more than 12 million were displaced according to the United Nations and not to mention infrastructure massive destruction. SERIOUSLY??!!


  • “Egypt transferred sovereignty of Tiran and Sanafir, located at the Gulf of Aqaba, to Saudi Arabia“. Now, when I was at school we studied both the Egyptian history and geography alongside the Arab World’s map, but never heard about these island. Was it done purposely? Is there any neutral historian or history book can really confirm the real property of these two Islands? It is unbelievable that no politician or historian could stop this confusion. Social media sites will explode soon. Please any help people.   President-sisi-with-salman-bin-abdulaziz-al-saud
  • “Russia is studying a new law enables every foreigner who marry a Russian woman to get the Russian citizenship and $5000”. Solving the phenomenon of spinsterhood in Russia will absolutely aggravate the same phenomenon in many other countries especially Arab countries. Are they really conscious about this?! It’s just creepy for me.by-archer10-Dennis
  • Direct line with Vladimir Putin” It is annual dialogue between Putin and The Russian for almost 4 hours, he receive millions of questions from around Russia and choose tens of questions to answer personally. For him it is a kind of public polls and a way to be in line with the people. It’s just hilarious thing, I guess The Arab presidents will never reach this level.genby
  • “Saudi prince Fahd son of Abdul Aziz has been poisoned and survived”…. Who cares !! It’s my first time to hear about him.abdul-aziz-bin-fahd-twitter
  • “Eu-Turkey AGREEMENT about the Syrian refugees”, the idea is : If Turkey and EU can’t stand the refugees problem anymore why they support the fight in Syria? Why don’t they work to reach a political solution to save the Syrian then they won’t need to escape to Turkey and Europe anymore.1027075019
  • “Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William in a royal tour to India and Bhutan” .. It is very nice visit and they really enjoyed their time there.  Just came to my mind “A Passage to India” novel that I studied in the university, it talks about the English-Indian relationship, the British Raj , and the Indian independence movement in the 1920s when India was a British colony. Is this visit a kind of Neocolonialism for India or they are trying to be nice after the very bad old history?!! I believe the United Kingdom will never forget its colonial goals in India.Capture